Village House

A traditional village house on the main street, lived in by one old lady in her eighties still  keeping pigs, cows, chicken and geese along with a large vegetable garden. The lady died shortly after I made this watercolour.



Village Map

I made this map with  help from a woman in the the village. It was made in 2005 and shows information about the life of the village at that time, including the aproximate number of cars and mobile phones, the ethnic make-up of the village, languages spoken, the number of churches and other information.

Fragment of sheepskin
Embroidered coat found in fields near Mălâncrav. Traditionally men's coats were beautifully embroidered; few such coats are being made now.
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Mălâncrav: Portrait of a Village

Watercolours made in a Transylvanian village between 2003 and 2007

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