"I'm an old crone before my time"

There is no Planet B

Private View 24 March

Anteros Arts Foundation

11-15 Fye Bridge Streeet, Noriwch NR31LJ

Exhibition open 24 March - April 4

Tuesdays - Saturdays 9 am - 5 pm

in partnership with

North Norfolk Green Party

Above studies for my exhibition about the climate crisis to be shown in Norwich in spring 2020 in partnership with North Norfolk Green Party. It will include drawings, paintings, textiles, video and found objects exploring my own carbon footprint, the local environment, and the wider political and econnomic world that all contribute in drastically changing our climate.

For more information about the exhibition go to Gallery

then climate change page.

New booklets available from The Bookartbookshop, 17 Pittfield Street, London N1. On the right the cover design for a booklet about slavery, loosly based on "Ubu Enchaine". On the left an illustration from a concertina Booklet "Why I hate Computers" made to accompany a conference about craft and computing held in September 2018 at The Art Workers Guild.


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